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Cathy Gamba

I don't define myself as a spiritual person, I don't connect to any kind of religion and I don't "om" either. What I'm interested in when I teach Yoga is to be as inclusive as possible (whichever background you have) and give everyone a good grasp of what I think yoga can contribute to - on a physical and mental level. I am very interested in mindfulness, meditation and awareness and I will also often use breathing exercises (pranayama) during class to increase awareness. Mindfulness and presence are two constant recurrent themes in most of my classes, and often I will start and/or finish class with a meditation. I teach mainly Hatha, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. Students describe my classes as physically confronting and mentally engaging. I always give options but I will always try to encourage you to try different things or to hold a pose for a few more breaths.  Since 2013, I have developed a real interest in how yoga works to enhance the mechanics of the body, especially combining Yoga to an active lifestyle in order to improve either your performance or well-being or both. I am currently working towards completing a degree in Psychology at Victoria University which will take me towards further studies (Masters in Cognitive Behavioural Neuroscience or Mindfulness at either Massey University or Victoria). I am planning of becoming a clinical psychologist at some stage in the future.

I'm passionate about a lot of things. About my family mainly, about life, about people and about making the most of every single day. Practicing Yoga for me is more than just striking a few cool poses in my yoga leggings. Yoga is about what I do in my everyday life, how I do it and how I practice trying to be focused on what I do: whether I'm playing with my children, having a conversation with someone or holding Warrior three for three more breaths. I can't say I'm very good at this yet and this is probably why I do a lot of Yoga. Yoga also allows me to feel physically strong which is a bonus when you have to carry both your children and the groceries up the 50 stairs all the way to your front door. With Yoga, I can move with a little bit more ease.
I started Yoga 10 years ago with the Bikram style that I enjoyed a lot at the time. Then I moved away from Bikram and started practicing Ashtanga and then Vinyasa Flow in 2010. I was a very keen long distance off-road runner for a decade. After surgery on my back in 2009, I had to give up running and found Yoga and cycling to be the best forms of exercises that suited my body needs. I did my teacher training in 2013 and built up my teaching experience at various studios around Wellington then opened Pause Yoga in 2014. I'm still learning a lot everyday as a teacher and a student. For someone like me with limitations on my back, the physical practice of Yoga is a win-win. I've started running again a couple of years ago, about a couple of times a week - nothing too strenuous. Mind-training, awareness, mindfulness and meditation are now practices I'm including to my day to day life. I'm still training once or twice a year with mainly Tiffany Cruikshank from Yoga Medicine (
Thanks for reading.
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We’re here to make your yoga experience modern, athletic and therapeutic

Award-winning yoga studio. Physically and mentally engaging yoga practice. Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Yin yoga. Strong focus on physical practice, mindfulness, awareness and psychology. 

Vinyasa Flow

These classes focus on matching the pace of your breath with the movement of your body. We usually start in meditation, child's pose or we work on some type of pranayama (breathing exercise). Once the mind is a bit more settled, we start moving. The first half of the class is about flow where we move in unison with the breath, e.g. when we inhale we are in a particular pose and when we exhale we move to a different pose. The pace matches the breath. We usually include sun salutation A and a variation of sun salutation B, depending on the focus of the class. Then we hold poses for a bit longer: about 3 to 5 breaths in standing, seated or supine poses. The final part of the class is usually done in a supine or seated position with long-held stretches. All Vinyasa classes end with a savasana - complete relaxation - followed sometimes by a meditation depending on your teacher. Most vinyasa flow classes are 75 minutes long except the Wednesday evening one which is 60 minutes long.


Yin classes are specifically designed to open and stretch the whole body. This class suits those new to yoga, pregnant woman or those wishing to indulge in longer deeper stretches. This class will restore, repair and rebalance you while toning and conditioning the body and calming the mind. This practice is very challenging as it is a lot more introspective. We hold poses for anytime between 3 and 5 minutes which can seem an eternity. Most of us are ready for the next pose after thirty seconds...Mind training, awareness and meditation are a big part of our yin practice. All our yin classes are an hour long.



In a hatha class, we use a lot of repetitions and add on to each pose to work towards a final peak pose. The pace is slower than vinyasa flow. If you are new to yoga or would like to get back into yoga, it is a good class to get started with. These classes are physically challenging but because the focus is not so much on breath to movement, it is open to all levels. All our hatha classes are an hour long. 

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